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Welcome to Ms Kara Warburton and Mr Masayuki Hirata
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 13:51

Welcome to Ms Kara Warburton and Mr Masayuki Hirata, who have formally joined the DSG as full-time PhD candidates.

Kara Warburton, from Canada, joined the DSG as a PhD candidate after spending 15 years managing IBM's global terminology database and management processes. She has experience in term extraction, terminology management, and terminology repurposing for controlled authoring, computer assisted translation, machine translation, and search optimization. Kara is the International Chair of ISO Technical Committee 37, which is responsible for developing standards for terminology and other language resources, and is a terminology advisor to the Localization Industry Standards Association. She has a BA in French Translation, an MA in Terminology Management, and a Bachelor's Degree in Education.

Masayuki Hirata worked as a bilingual lexicographer for Longman Dictionaries, Pearson Education. He was one of the joint managing editors for the Longman English-Japanese Dictionary projects, responsible for training the team of Japanese lexicographers and signing off the final text for the Longman English-Japanese Dictionary (published in 2007). He was also the project leader for building the Longman Corpus of Contemporary Japanese. Masa moved to Hong Kong in 2007, and he has been teaching Japanese part-time, in CTL/Community College of City University, and in SCPS of Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has a BA in English linguistics from Waseda University in Japan, and an MA in Language Studies from Lancaster University in the UK.

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