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Sample Output of the Survey Parser

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Input Mr Calcutt had advised that the communication should not have been hidden and added that what occurred probably affected the outcome of the appeal.
PU CL(main,montr,past,perf)
 SU NP()
  NPHD N(prop,sing) {Mr Calcutt}
 PRED PREDG(coordn)
   VB VP(montr,past,perf)
    OP AUX(perf,past) {had}
    MVB V(montr,edp) {advised}
   OD CL(depend,modal,montr,pass,past,sub)
    SUB SUBP()
     SUBHD CONJUNC(subord) {that}
    SU NP()
     DT DTP()
      DTCE ART(def) {the}
     NPHD N(com,sing) {communication}
    VB VP(modal,montr,pass,past,perf)
     OP AUX(modal,past) {should}
     A AVP(ge)
      AVHD ADV(ge) {not}
     AVB AUX(perf,infin) {have}
     AVB AUX(pass,edp) {been}
     MVB V(montr,edp) {hidden}
  COOR CONJUNC(coord) {and}
   VB VP(montr,past)
    MVB V(montr,past) {added}
   OD CL(depend,montr,past,sub)
    SUB SUBP()
     SUBHD CONJUNC(subord) {that}
    SU CL(depend,indrel,intr,past)
     SU NP()
      NPHD PRON(nom) {what}
     VB VP(intr,past)
      MVB V(intr,past) {occurred}
     A AVP(ge)
      AVHD ADV(ge) {probably}
    VB VP(montr,past)
     MVB V(montr,past) {affected}
    OD NP()
     DT DTP()
      DTCE ART(def) {the}
     NPHD N(com,sing) {outcome}
     NPPO PP()
      P PREP(ge) {of}
      PC NP()
       DT DTP()
        DTCE ART(def) {the}
       NPHD N(com,sing) {appeal}
       PUNC PUNC(per) {.}

Author: Alex Chengyu Fang - Last updated: 25 September 1997